Cultivating high-performing Agile organisations that unleash people’s creativity and passion.

Live, online Certified Agile and Scrum training led by experts with decades of experience as Agile practitioners, Agile coaches, and Certified Scrum Trainers.
Engaging. Empowering. Transformational.

Scrum Master

As one of the most dynamic and progressive members of a Scrum Team, our
Scrum Master courses and resources are designed to help you deploy, improve
and master Scrum. Become part of the next generation of Scrum Masters with
our proven resources.

Product Owner

Learn how to deploy, improve and master Product Ownership within dynamic
environments that seek to create products/services that excite and delight
customers. Become a Power Product Owner with our range of Scrum courses and resources.

Agile Leader

Navigate, master and lead Agile organisations through times of uncertainty,
complexity and ambiguity with our Agile leadership resources and courses.
Become the kind of leader that unleashes your people’s creativity and passion
when it truly counts.

Agile Coach

Become the Agile coach that empowers others to cultivate, nurture and unleash
creativity and high-performance collaboration to transform organisations. Our Agile coach resources and courses are designed to help you progress from apprenticeship to mastery of coaching.

We believe that in order to succeed in an increasingly turbulent and competitive marketplace, organisations need to be more adaptive, more innovative and more engaging places to work. We believe passionately that people have a right to perform meaningful work, to be trusted to do the right thing and to be supported in their ongoing development. This leads to more successful organisations.

Learning is present in a conversation between equals. Training is that conversation. It’s the dialogue that promotes understanding and fuels adoption.

“You guys did a really great job in making learning very interactive by using all different kinds of methods. I loved the practicing, the discussions and the group work. I also really appreciated that you introduced frameworks of learning and the systems thinking – both super helpful tools for my work.”

Anna Schober, Online ICAgile Delegate

“The coaching academy has unlocked the knowledge and confidence I needed to be a better coach. This has made a real difference for individuals and teams in my organisation and has given me a platform to achieve my own personal goals. The level of support and advice is exceptional throughout.”

Chris Yardy, Agile Coach Academy Delegate

“The course delivery approach is unique. The end to end process, right from the first contact you make to find out about the course, all through to delivery, and post delivery of the course is user friendly. There is that unique human touch that makes you valued as an individual.”

Femi Odelusi, Online CSP-SM Delegate

How can we support you on your journey?

Our tried-and-tested approach has helped to create many high-performing teams and organisations that truly delight their customers. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements.

At Agile Centre, we don’t just teach Agile, we live it. A great deal of our success has been achieved by actively practicing Agile and Scrum values in all departments.

Our trainers have decades of experience working on some of the UK and Europe’s largest, most complex Agile transformations, translating into real-world, practical and actionable training courses.