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Certifying Bodies

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Certifying Bodies We Work With

International Consortium for Agile

International Consortium for Agile

International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile) is a community-driven organization that consists of pioneers, experts, and trusted advisors. ICAgile is not just another certification body. We are changing the way people do  agile by helping them become...

Scrum Alliance

Transforming the World of Work. Since 2001, we have supported the agile movement as the only member-driven nonprofit certifying body in the agile space. As a trade association, we were founded and funded by the community for the community - a privilege w...

The LeSS Company

Founded by Bas Vodde, Craig Larman and Johan Schoenmaker, The LeSS Company B.V. was created in 2014 to promote Large Scale Scrum (LeSS), offering certified LeSS training and promoting LeSS coaching. Certified LeSS Basics® The Certified LeSS ...