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Announcing the second SU&SD Monikers Kickstarter!

Matt: Fans of dumb jokes in a box, rejoice! The Monikers Serious Nonsense Box is on Kickstarter right now, offering 320 brand new cards for Monikers, each lovingly written by SU&SD and friends of the show. Even if you don’t want to buy it, it’s probably worth watching my ridiculous video to observe a man losing his sanity via greenscreen.

Eagle-brained readers will likely recall that in 2017 we created a small-box expansion for Monikers – the slick, boxed implementation of the folk party game more commonly known as fishbowl, celebrity, or the hat game. We reviewed Monikers in 2015, and – in the interest of full disclosure – have not mentioned it since editorially without caveating our involvement with the designers since.

Back then, we had a lot of fun being deeply silly with our first foray into party game design, but this time we’ve really stepped up our game: taking onboard critical feedback, thinking carefully about the flow of the game, and squeezing in a higher density of solid jokes without getting in the way of what makes Monikers great.

If you’ll allow us a moment of heart on sleeve, we honestly didn’t anticipate that so many people would have such a fantastic time with the original Nonsense Box. Feedback we’ve had over the past two years both humbled us, and stuck a rocket to our bottom when designing these cards – it felt vital to us to reflect that love back, and ensure that this triple-sized Kickstarter sequel was the absolute *best* that it could possibly be. We love it, and we hope you do too.

Thanks everybody!

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