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Reminder: Click “Follow” On Our Twitch Page!

Quinns: Hey everybody! If you’ve not checked out one of our live Twitch streams yet, you’re missing out. They’re basically an extra-long, live Let’s Play, and I can now proudly say the channel has developed a truly charming and hilarious chat community. If you’ve been part of that over the chat over in the last few months, thank you so, so much. Also, we have a custom emote of the lady from the Concordia box, and another of a cheeky toad from Cockroach Poker.

But here’s the thing- you don’t actually need to remember when we’re streaming. If you just go to our Twitch channel and click on the button that reads “Follow”, you’re get an email every time we start the show, which is once every couple of weeks. Also, you contribute to our follower count, which makes us look like successful, so that’s a nice bonus.

Tomorrow we’re going to be trying the Great Western Trail expansion, Rails to the North, and the show after that… well, let’s just say you won’t want to miss it, and we’ll be confirming more details shortly.

Thanks, everybody!

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