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Where to catch us at PAX Unplugged!

Quinns: Hello my lovelies! This weekend Matt and I will be attending this week’s big show in Philadelphia, PAX Unplugged.

  • We won’t have a stand or merch at the con, but we are doing a bunch of live shows. On Friday at 1pm we’re doing a live podcast, offering our first impressions of exciting games like Reykholt, Captains of the Gulf and Trapwords, and that show will be followed by a quick Q&A.
  • On Saturday at 5:30pm we’ve got a special gameshow edition of The Champion of the Wild, which should be amazing.
  • On Sunday at 11am I’m giving a 15 minute talk on birds over at the Kickstarter booth (which isn’t on the schedule, but is definitely happening), and then at 11:30am Matt and I will be dashing over to the autograph area to do our signing.

Also, a quick word to the wise- usually our events have big queues outside before they start, which means a lot of people assume that there won’t be seating for them and walk away. It’s not true! PAX has huge theatres with room for everybody and then some, so if you just wait until they’ve let the big line into the theatre, you should be able to waltz right in.

See you this weekend, everybody!

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