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Turn up on time

I have a confession to make: I despise people who turn up late for meetings.

Not those that get stuck in traffic, or have an unexpected director appear at their desk. Those I can live with. No, the people I find myself controlling the urge to stab in the eye with a Sharpie are the ones who wander in from 5 yards away. No reason, just late. They deserve pain.

Some may think that a bit of an extreme response. I don’t.

Whatever you think, consider all those times where you’ve been left to sit around while that last stray drifts into the room, probably with a fresh cup of coffee. What a complete waste of everyone else’s time. If you did the maths it’d probably depress the budget holders as well.

The guys over at New Bamboo have come up with an interesting idea: schedule meetings at odd times. It’s easy to see how 13:00 becomes 13:02 (well, it’s close enough), but you can’t say the same of 13:16 being about 13:14. I’ve been told this works well, though I’ve not had the courage to try it yet – maybe I should.

Simply put, if you expect me to finish a meeting on time then have the decency to turn up on time.